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The Landlord and Tenant Board’s role is to provide information about the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and to resolve disputes between most residential landlords and tenants. Landlord tenant disputes can be frustrating, so leave it to the professionals at DK Legal Practice to help you solve your problem. Daisy Yordanova has years of experience resolving landlord-tenant issues and can help you with yours too!

The Landlord and Tenant Board holds hearings in regards with issues between Landlord and Tenant. Both parties have rights under the Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act and both parties can apply to the Board if their rights were violated.

Renting any type of residential unit will be way more secure with a Tenancy Agreement. Written Agreement is not mandatory but it is always better and necessary to prove the terms and conditions you agreed upon signing.

LANDLORD APPLICATIONS – Non – payment of rent, Late rent payments, Tenant willfully or negligently damages the rental unit, Landlord would like to move back to the unit, Landlord sold the unit, Eviction order, etc.

TENANT APPLICATIONS – Received an eviction notice, illegal rent /charge, illegally entering into the unit, etc.

The RTA governs almost every aspect of the landlord/tenant relationship, including:

  • Starting a tenancy
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Maintenance/repairs
  • Entering the premises
  • Rent amounts
  • Ending a tenancy
  • Abandonment
  • Hearing at the Board

DK Legal Practice can help you with any of these matters and has significant experience aiding landlords before they rent out their unit and with tenants who are having trouble communicating with the landlord for any number of reasons. Sometimes both parties believe they are correct and must apply to the Board for a decision. Regardless of your problem, DK Legal Practice will help you solve it efficiently.

Daisy Yordanova has years of experience with Landlord-Tenant matters. Let an experienced legal professionals assist you today in your case.


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